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Our Family's Favorite Recipes
Great Grandma Gladys' Vidalia® Onion-Sausage Casserole

Vidalia® Onions, sliced
Ritz crackers, crushed
1lb sausage meat, browned and drained
1/4 teaspoon seasoning salt
1 can Campbell's Cream Of Mushroom Soup
1 and 1/2 cups cheddar cheese, grated
1 small jar pimento pepper
Put onions in bottom of 12"x17" pyrex dish.
Add Ritz crackers, then sausage meat.
Add a layer of onions, Cream of Mushroom
Soup, and salt. Sprinkle layer of cheese and
pimento. Bake in preheated oven at 350
degrees Fahrenheit for 1 hour and 15 min.

Cheese Stuffed Vidalia® Onions

(for grilling outdoors or oven)

6 medium or large Vidalia® Onions
1/4 cup salad oil
Shredded cheddar cheese
Paprika, salt, and pepper

Cut thin slice from root ends of 6 medium
or large onions so they stand level. Slice
tops from onions. Make a hole in the
center of each and remove some of the
onion. In a covered saucepan, in boiling
water salted to taste, cook onions over
medium heat 15 to 20 minutes until
tender, then drain. Brush onion with salad
oil and sprinkle with paprika. Place a
teaspoon of cheese in center of each.
Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Wrap
each loosely in foil, leaving top open for
grilling. Cook over medium coals 15
minutes or until nicely browned. In oven,
cover loosely with foil. Cook 15 minutes
removing foil from top the last 5 minutes
to brown cheese. Serves 6.

Vidalia® Onions Au Gratin

5 cups cooked Vidalia® Onions
4 1/2 cups graded cheddar cheese
1/2 cup self-rising flour
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
1/2 teaspoon salt
6 tablespoons butter

Mix onions, 3 1/2 cups cheese, and remaining
ingredients. Pour into two-quart casserole
dish. Sprinkle 1 cup grated cheese on top.
Bake in oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit
for 30 minutes. Serves 10 to 12.

Vidalia® Onions With Mushroom Sauce

4 cups small whole Vidalia® Onions
1 cup dairy sour cream
1 tablespoon milk
1/2 teaspoon salt
13 ounce can (1/2 cup) broiled,
sliced mushrooms, drained

In a saucepan cook onions until tender,
then drain. Blend sour cream, milk, and
salt. Stir mixture over low heat until heated
through; pour over drained onions and
mushrooms. If desired, garnish with a
fluff of parsley. Makes 8 servings.

Golden Onion Rings

6 medium Vidalia Onions
1 cup + 2tbl sifted all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 slightly beaten egg
1 cup milk
2 tbl salad oil

Cut the Vidalia Onions in 1/4 thick slices,
separate into onion rings. Combine flour,
salt and egg, milk and oil. Beat together
just until dry ingredients are well moistned.
Coat onon rings with batter. Fry, a few at a
time, in deep hot fat (350 degrees Fahrenheit),
stirring once to separate rings. When onions
are golden, drain on paper towels. Just before
serving sprinkle with salt.

Savannah Red Rice

4 slices bacon
1 medium Vidalia® onion, chopped
1 cup chopped celery
1 small green pepper, chopped
2 cups uncooked rice
1 can tomatoes, drained & chopped
reserve juice (16 oz)
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon black pepper
bottled hot pepper sauce to taste
1 can tomato sauce (8 oz)

Fry bacon until crisp in medium sauce pan.
Remove bacon from pan and reserve
drippings. Saute onions, celery, and green
pepper in bacon grease until onions are
translucent. Crumble bacon, then return to
pan. Add rice and stir to coat with grease.
Add tomatoes, sugar, salt, pepper, and
hot pepper sauce. Measure reserved
tomato juice and tomato sauce;
add water to make 1 1/2 cups liquid.
Pour over rice and bring to a boil over high
heat, stirring occasionally. Immediately
reduce heat, cover, and simmer 20 minutes.
Remove from heat and let sit, covered, at
least 20 minutes. Fluff with fork.

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